Sadie Williams can’t resist a bit of glitz and for her fall collection. She channeled the simple silhouettes of the Sixties with the sparkling elegance of the Seventies. Silhouettes ranged from elongated tunics patchworked with stretched jersey panels and Lurex to A-line dresses in quilted metallic wovens.

She continued her textile development and teamed with designer Helen Lawrence for knits featuring geometric prints and peplum silhouettes using metallic yarns. Williams also branched out into woven textiles this season, creating a series of quillike textures that resembled padding, but we’re actually woven with a spongy yarn, giving simple A-line dresses and midiskirts a subtle 3-D sensibility.

Models all sported stacked Lurex tubes on their ankles in red, blue and silver, which gave a nod to Williams’ teenage habit of wearing several pairs of Lurex socks.

“I loved Lurex when I was a teenager and I would wear five pairs of socks and roll them down, which created these doughnuts on my legs,” the designer explained.

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