Season after season, Brunello Cucinelli continues to shape a clearer and more specific identity for his women’s line.

Compared to his men’s customer, the Brunello Cucinelli woman is more eclectic and eccentric, she nourishes that spontaneous elegance which is so typical of the brand, and likes to stand out from the crowd with some eye-catching touches.

For fall, the brand embraced a folk inspiration to give a new spin to its knitwear. Cozy textured hand knits  combining cashmere, mohair, alpaca and sequins exuded charming artisanal luxury. They were worn with jumpsuits with tuxedo-inspired details, as well as skirts embellished with utilitarian pockets and belts.

Cotton was treated with fur manufacturing techniques to create a high-end teddy bear coat, while knitted outerwear pieces were cut in sporty silhouettes. Plush velvet was crafted for an urban bomber paired with boyish corduroy pants and leather was laminated to give a shimmering look to a blazer worn with tailored pants.

From tailoring to knitwear, Cucinelli’s specialties were all there but remixed in a way that felt fresh.

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