Gaia Trussardi wanted to tap into the northern Italian tradition of hightailing to the mountains on winter weekends — either the Alps or the Dolomites — with a coed collection that fused the urban with the rugged. She succeeded with some strong and stylish shearling coats and mountain-print jackets but, overall, the collection was hit-or-miss.

The hits included an olive wool coat with patch pockets and a hood, shearlings in a plaid print, and color-blocked leather biker jackets. Sporty jackets came with sky and mountain motifs, while a black shearling with cobalt cuffs and lining had lots of graphic appeal.

The rest of the collection was spotty and unfocused, including skirts with long flaps, chunky zips or snaps, a leather motorcycle ensemble in Pepto Bismol pink and black, and a lineup of boxy, sleeveless vests like those fleece tops used for skiing or hiking. There was some eveningwear in the mix, too, including a mountain print gown and black dresses with sheer panels, but none of the pieces gelled into a coherent, or desirable, collection.

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