Female empowerment takes many forms: At a time when Hollywood is rediscovering feminism, the fashion world is fixated on the Eighties, the era of hairspray, power dressing and having it all.

Vivetta was no exception. Its show notes cited an Italian film of the era called “My First Forty Years,” which coincidentally was name-checked this season at Blazé. For those not familiar with the movie, a quick Wikipedia search reveals that it stars original Eighties supermodel Carol Alt as a social climber who seduces her way to the top.

The collection was as frivolous as the reference suggests: designer Vivetta Ponti sent out a jumble of polka dots, panne velvet and ruched leggings in a mix of sorbet and neon shades. It started off promisingly enough, with a long black polka-dot dress with a ruched midriff that ought to be catnip for nostalgia-obsessed Millennials. But some of the other looks — including a sleeveless white velvet minidress with a huge polka dot bow sash — were as unfortunate as Molly Ringwald’s “Pretty in Pink” prom dress.

There were some highlights. A glen plaid blazer-dress, with contrasting white lapels and cutout sleeves depicting the label’s signature hand motif, seemed tailor-made for the likes of Bella Hadid. And Vivetta’s trademark face profile design looked right at home on a dégradé sweatshirt, paired with baggy pink pants in a fun iridescent python print.

But leave the cheesy ruched leggings in the history books, where they belong — a girl is going nowhere in those.

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