“I wanted something quite sober, serene in a world full of flashes,” said Jason Wu, who, on Tuesday, presented his Boss Gallery fall collection. The lineup, unveiled with a presentation at the Cedar Lake venue, with models standing on a rotating podium placed in the middle of the room, marked the end of the five-year collaboration between the German company and the designer.

Wu, who said he feels proud to have managed to bring Boss’ women’s wear line into the spotlight, accentuated that his main goal for fall was simply to deliver beautiful clothes. Obvious? Shouldn’t that be the primal necessity behind every single collection? Actually, probably not in this world, where sometimes excess and controversy are seated in the front row, while pure beauty modestly remains in the shadow.

However, Wu, once again, accomplished his mission. His lineup was straightforward and uncomplicated, yet elegant and chic.

Fishing into the Hugo Boss company’s tailoring tradition, he played with sartorial fabrics and constructions. The women of today can be unfussy and practical, so the collection included linear checkered coats, pleated pants worn with crisp cotton shirts, parkas combining textures and suits cut in relaxed silhouettes. Oversized knits added a touch of coziness to the overall urban aesthetic and fluid silk tunic dresses with cascading ribbons embodied a sense of minimal, essential femininity.

What’s next? We don’t know, since the label hasn’t announced Wu’s successor yet. What we know is that for about a year the fans of the Wu-Boss team will be able to find the designer’s creations in the stores. Not bad…a year is still something, especially in the fast-paced fashion industry.

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