Tao Kurihara offered up two words to describe her collection. “Flowing journey,” she said, with a giggle and shrug, while brushing off any idea of a particular destination. Rather than pillage some far-off locale for inspiration, Kurihara chose to wardrobe the traveling set. And what a trip it was — a whimsical and wonderful mash-up of ideas, including cushy rhinestone-encrusted slippers paired with argyle socks, no less.

In Kurihara’s world, dressing the modern-day nomad translates to a whole lot of bunching, swaddling and volume — a usual m.o., seen here in denim knotted and wrapped around the body to create droopy tops and tanks — not to mention a serious pocket emphasis. Pockets came in giant pouch shapes, spilling out from the hips, waists and backs; one abbreviated mini even looked entirely pieced together from pouches, creating a scallop-like silhouette at the hem. Larger sacks still, resembling baby slings, were slung across puff-sleeve blouses. As for the delightful pastiche of prints and fabrics, including lace, velvet and tartan wools, perhaps there’s a cue in the closing melody Kurihara chose: Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music.”

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