Shane Gabier and Chris Peters were at their most confident and self-possessed yet with an excellent and diverse lineup of separates — even if their inspirations were of the unconventional (and head-scratching) sort. It started out with a recent trip to Nantucket, where they visited an archive of Victorian clothing. More influential, however, were the island’s numerous widow’s walks atop homes; they even named the collection thusly. “Women would stand there waiting for their husbands to come back from the sea,” explained Gabier. “The collection is about waiting forever without knowing whether things are coming back to you.”


What that means — who knows, who cares? The result was fabulously charming and chic, with a soupçon of quirky prepster. It also nicely showcased their talent for construction and alluring points of contrast. A wool coat and pencil skirt came handstitched with a floral overlay, while a chic blue frock, with panels of black ruching, was trimmed in beaded and latex-accented lace. Jackets with intriguing architectural cuts were patchworked with plaid angora or shown with colored lapels. On the sexier side were the gathered dresses and skirts, and a textured sweater dress that hugged the body in all the right places. Girlish, sporty, sweet and alluringly spicy: the designers cleverly hit those marks too. Need further evidence that Peters and Gabier are taking things to the next level? They’re also introducing a fall footwear collaboration with Tabitha Simmons.

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