The Orient Express, with its sense of old luxury, mystery and grand travel, inspired Dennis Basso’s high-glam show. And what a trip it was — first class all the way. Trenches, short swingy coats and generous wraps were casually shown in combinations like barguzin sable and sapphire chinchilla over a floating navy embroidered skirt and silk shirt, or in white quilted Russian broadtail and lynx with a cashmere sheath. Basso proved his point that even high-voltage fashion can be fun and not forced. Sporty details for a duffle coat in sable, rich blues for chinchilla wraps and flirty flared shapes in broadtail — all luxurious pieces with a young sophistication. It takes some talent to make orange fur look chic and Basso did it with chinchilla. There were also beautiful evening dresses that reflected the designer’s new restraint. But Basso had the last word when he noted, “I am an uptown designer for rich women all over the world.”

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