It’s no secret that Donna Karan likes to dress in all black. She considers it a mandatory color in New York, the city that, in some form or another, always informs DKNY. She made a strong case for black once again with her fall collection, which Karan called “Poetic Rebellion,” with the Beat Generation — Ginsberg, Burroughs, Kerouac — as her key inspiration. The lineup of mostly black looks that followed, however, was less suited to a scruffy, smoky literary reading and more about a sleek, upscale city experience, from a belted down parka teamed with a charming peplum skirt to a mock-turtleneck sweater with an embossed leather skirt to the several constructed evening dresses. Outerwear was a strong point, particularly when she added touches of color, including a belted deep red shearling with embossed leather sleeves.

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