This debut effort by Andrew Heather, Revillon’s new creative director, opened a compelling chapter for the French furrier. Saluting the house’s glory days, the elegant silhouettes harked back to Fifties couture. A belted knee-length coat in Champagne astrakhan with a soft egg-shaped back and lush tone-on-tone fox collar was lovely, as was a ladylike sculpted moss green mink jacket knotted in an easy bow at the front, worn with a slim pencil skirt and classic heels. Heather used removable fur collars and contrast leathers to lighten up coats and give them a modern spin. The line’s raw-cut antelope coat and skirt suit with white spots arranged in a tribal pattern, as well as the finale cartoonish belted skunk coat, reinforced the message that Heather is already at ease with this medium.

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