Massimo Nicosia, Pringle’s head of design, created a collection full of tricks — the good kind — using 3-D printing techniques and trompe l’oeil effects. “We’re playing with technology — and playing with heritage. 3-D printing will be a big driver of change for so many industries, including fashion,” Nicosia said before the show.

The designer collaborated with architect Richard Beckett for a series of flexible, machine washable knitted fabrics created from nylon powder in a 3-D printer. He mixed one 3-D ladder weave into a white wool fisherman’s knit sweater, and wrapped another honeycomb weave onto the cuffs of a coat made from cashmere and silk matelassé.

Other knits were given the 3-D treatment via sequin appliqués that had been folded in half, while some hand-knitting techniques made coats resemble stylish shag rugs.

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