Once again riffing on his theme of a lovelorn girl, Ryan Lo told the story of star-crossed lovers. This time it was Pocahontas and John Smith. There was a touch of Calamity Jane in the mix too, with Wild West references in the toy pistols and pastel Stetsons sported by the models.

The Fashion East alum, showing for the first time on his own, offered kitsch sweater dresses in banana and strawberry milkshake tones that were decorated with cartoonish, appliquéd ponies. Lo worked curly frilled edging on quilted lamé looks like a silver princess coat and a gold skirt suit, and also featured lots of polyester lace, such as on a purple-and-white ruched housecoat worn over a crocheted Lurex dress.

These clothes aren’t for everyone, but they certainly are fun.

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