Manish Arora sure has a sweet tooth. Some of his sugary references for fall were literal, such as the prints of giant popsicles, cupcakes and candy-cane bridges, not to mention the hats topped with gummy-bear-shaped pom-poms.

But there were other things in the mix, too. What looked strongest were his ethnic pieces bursting with vivid colors, such as Peruvian circle skirts with fine beadwork and low-waisted trousers that resembled Chinese work pants. They were worn in newfangled ways, layered with Lurex thermals and floral, striped or other boldly patterned shirts, for instance, giving the collection a sporty vibe that was reinforced with hooded puffer capes in a techno fabric.

For the grand finale, the house lights went down and all that could be seen were the flashing LED lights on models’ sneakers and handbags.

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