For his fall 2016 season, Chinese designer Leonard Wong made a short film called “Alchemy,” which was projected onto four sides of a cubical screen at the start of his spring show. After this, the screen rose above the runway to reveal two dancers on a raised platform. They started by nodding their heads in time with the percussive music, then launched into a series of fast, coordinated movements of their hands and arms. This soon proved to be the most exciting moment of the show.

Wong presented a series of shift dresses, asymmetric leather-look tops and slim pants in mostly black. He seemed to be going for an edgy look, but often his efforts fell short. He had more success, however, with looks that incorporated a contrasting element to the overall darkness of the collection. A pair of sleeveless blouson tops in blush pink and white added a touch of softness, and a pair of skinny black pants with pleats up the front and back provided some interesting texture. A wrap-front top and pair of cropped, wide-leg pants, however, skewed a bit older and looked incongruous among the rest of the offering.

The show closed with a message from Wong, who did not appear on the runway, projected on the screen and delivered in several languages via a mechanical voice, thanking guests for coming to the show.

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