Choi worked with volume and structure for this sophisticated collection that took its cue from the work of Austrian-Czech architect Adolf Loos, the minimalist, modernist designer who believed decoration was a waste of time.

Instead of working with print, pattern or adornment, Choi let his fabrics work for him in all different ways. Looks included an oversized olive knit suit with a tunic top with long sleeves that could be knotted at the wrist; wide gray wool trousers that grazed the floor and cinched at the waist, and roomy striped shirts with folds running down the front.

Flowing satin dresses in olive green and navy rippled down the runway, while chunky knitwear was slung over the tops of jackets. Among the highlights were buttery leather trousers and peacoats in tangerine — a color that was also painted on models’ lips.

Choi also joined forces with the bag brand Decke to create a range inspired by Loos’ Villa Müller. The hardware on the bags referenced Loos’ use of fittings, while the chic styles came in both soft and structured leather.

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