Art always informs Lisa Perry’s collection — after all, the designer grew up surrounded by it at her mother’s gallery. This time, Joan Miró had the honors. “I went to the south of France and there you can really get a feel of this whole aesthetic,” she explained. The result was an optimistic, colorful lineup with some noteworthy pieces, such as a Miró motif on a silk jacquard that came on dresses and a velvet pajama set as well as on an elegant coat — “perfect over black pants and top, for Art Basel,” she said. But it was a black short crepe dress with a pink marabou-feather hem that she also offered in a coat version with the feathers on the sleeves and in allover marabou in different tones of pink that evoked the most festive tone. “Now of all times is a great time to have a happy collection,” she said.

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