Noriyuki Shimizu was so busy the past several months that he wasn’t able to do any traveling, but that doesn’t mean travel wasn’t on his mind. When his friend showed him photos of his recent trips to Morocco and Sri Lanka, Shimizu decided to base his fall collection on the youth cultures in those countries, among others. He used influences from grunge, outdoor wear and classic tailoring.

While Shimizu said he designed distinct men’s and women’s collections, the show had a definite unisex vibe to it. Models of both genders donned baggy pants, shearling jackets and vests, and chunky knits such as collegiate striped scarves in warm earth tones and deep indigo. Aside from a few checks and stripes, the only print was one made by Shimizu’s traveler friend — who just so happens to be a graphic designer — from a collage of images from his trips.

While it didn’t win many points for originality, Name’s latest offering was cohesive and consistent, with unexpected details to catch the eye. Many trousers crossed over in the front to resemble Thai fisherman’s pants, which were worn with everything from soft, fuzzy sweaters to a black leather moto jacket. But in the end, the collection consisted mostly of fairly pedestrian items that were made more interesting through skillful styling.

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