This season, it wasn’t just about demonstrating exceptional craftsmanship and heritage. Now part of PPR’s luxury division, Brioni is also after the cool factor. “The brand has to live, it has to look younger. This is about the new generation,” said artistic director Jason Basmajian, who gathered a spectrum of dashing “real men” to get the point across. A cast including Italian entrepreneur Leonardo Donà Dalle Rose, British interior designer Douglas Mackie, French perfumer Kilian Hennessy and the young British actor Jack Guinness acted out what was billed as four key moments in a typical Brioni customer’s day in an installation at La Triennale. The set was divided into four rooms themed around a boardroom meeting, a made-to-measure atelier, cocktails at a chic bar and a black-tie game of poker. The concept translated into chic clothing with a slightly younger silhouette and modern treatments.

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