Amelia Earhart was the inspiration for the charming men’s N.Hoolywood collection, but rather than channel the trailblazing pilot herself, designer Daisuke Obana looked to her supporting cast of training pilots and maintenance crews. In that vein, the lineup of vintage-looking flight suits and grease monkey togs was modeled not by chiseled models but by ordinary guys cast off the street who were given a crash course in walking a runway.

The Twenties and Thirties vibe was highlighted by bomber jackets, Western denim shirts and slightly awkward bow tie looks, all updated for today’s hipsters with touches like a skull motif on a varsity jacket. Rich men’s wear fabrics and an expert feel for modern silhouettes kept the show from veering into costume territory. Set to a toe-tapping soundtrack of souped-up swing music, this fanciful and winning collection was a deft medley of past and present, classic and progressive.

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