Katie Eary’s punchy collection was an unabashed celebration of the punk era, as exemplified by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s Seditionaries label. Skinny models, their hair sculpted into horns and painted in shades of red, blue and yellow, wore such staples from the era as zippered satin bondage pants — some with sections of pleated kilts attached — vinyl pants and shirts with buckled harness details, in shades of vibrant red, turquoise and slick black.

For all the rebellious spirit, Eary’s assured execution lent the look a sense of polish. And stripping away the out-there styling — some models wore molded plastic Mickey Mouse heads — there were plenty of approachable pieces, including heavy wool biker jackets and crisp shirts and sweatshirts printed with a sinister, reworked version of the Mickey Mouse motif.

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