The streetwear trend is gathering steam in Paris, and Dries Van Noten took to the task with gusto.

He loaded up bomber jackets, lightweight parkas, frock coats and aviator pants with zippers, snaps, safety belts and strips of parachute silk. Sweaters and jeans got the tie- or dip-dye treatment; suiting wools were cut into droopy skater shorts.

Colorful fur boas and frill-necked peasant blouses added jolts of androgyny; technical sneakers an athletic streak.

Indeed, there was a lot going on.

The show notes listed an array of music-influenced style packs — rave, punk, skate, techno — that were mixed with “details of ancient dress.”

A wiz at pattern mixing and a gifted colorist, Van Noten managed to corral these disparate, unruly elements into outfits that will no doubt speak to the cool crowd.

Day-Glo colors looked terrific played off charcoal shades and black, and added to the energy of this fast-paced show, staged in the former stables underneath the Grand Palais.

For the finale, models stormed out in color-coded gangs: yellows, greens, pinks and blues. If anyone can tame those mean streets, it’s Dries.

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