New York-based designer Emily Bode created a home in Cape Cod as a backdrop for her fall collection.

“My mother and aunts have always inspired me since I was a child. We would go antiquing and I grew up in Cape Cod during the summertime,” said Bode.

So it’s no surprise that her collection offered full quilted outfits, mixed patchwork prints, grain sacks and re-created florals from the Twenties.

Specifically, she repurposed handmade quilts from the 19th and 20th centuries, mixing seersucker stripes with African cloths and vintage tablecloths to create a boxy cream quilted puffer jacket, blue striped pajamas with embroided patchwork and Quaker cotton lace shirts paired with grain sack cropped trousers.

The collection definitely reflected Bode’s upbringing but the nostalgia of Little House on the Prairie couldn’t help but come to mind.

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