Pretty isn’t the most common adjective used to describe men’s wear shown in New York, but those was one of the words heard from the crowd after seeing Deveaux’s fall collection.

Matt Breen, Andrea Tsao and Patrick Doss, who design the collection, went on a trip to Iceland and looked to the region’s landscape to inform the assortment. This translated to a earthy color palette contrasted with a black and burgundy story that was inspired by the black sand beaches. In terms of texture, the line was rich and featured shearling coats, suede jackets and chenille knits. They collaborated with the Canadian footwear brand Viberg on footwear. The clothes were beautifully made and draped the body just so.

Deveaux also introduced women’s, a category Breen said customers have asked for and will be ready for retail for spring 2018. These looks were also well crafted, but the least interesting of the bunch.

Overall, the collection was a study in style and a palate-cleanser in a sea of streetwear.

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