Identity. It’s a theme that consistently comes up in Nicholas Elliott’s collections for N-p-Elliott, which he’s shown at New York Fashion Week: Men’s for the past two seasons. The Scottish designer creates clothes with emblems and badges that unite but also differentiate. This season, one patch read “mellius,” which is Latin for better, and another said: “consciousness.”

“I wanted to create a world where nothing is homogenous,” said Elliott, who drew from the 1992 fantasy film “Orlando” starring Tilda Swinton as well as the sci-fi movie “Dune” by David Lynch. “Everyone in my family is culturally mixed and I wanted to relay that with this presentation.”

Elliott fought against homogeneity in many ways for his fall collection. The most apparent way was his casting, which featured male models — tall and short — with a variety of skin tones and hair textures. His collection was also quite diverse. A model wearing a military-inspired shirt jacket and wide-leg pants stood alongside another one wearing a copper faux-Astrakhan coat and printed leggings. He also played with color, showing tangerine, hunter green, gold and gray.

As disparate as these elements sound, Elliott has a knack for bringing it together and producing a comprehensive collection that has a distinct identity, which is rare for a new designer.

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