After setting a pretty solid foundation for the past two collections, Palmiers du Mal designer Shane Fonner felt it was time to branch out and have a clear narrative this time around.

Finding somewhat odd inspiration in the Pink Panthers jewel thieves network (who are believed to be the culprits behind the Kim Kardashian heist in Paris), Fonner designed for that man this season, describing him as a thief who has disappeared to his getaway island after his robbery.

Lounge jackets in Japanese velvet with silk piping and custom rose gold zippers, a faux-fur double-zippered hoodie, updated dual-color blocked turtlenecks and silk-blend pajama shirts styled unbuttoned to the stomach were some key pieces that encapsulated the offering.

His inspiration may have been a bit unconventional, but the designer was successful in his narrative by delivering a sexy and shabby vibe — perfect for those few days of weeks on the lam before the robber is caught by the police.

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