It’s takes a certain skill to truly know your customer, and Todd Snyder proved once again that he can walk the fine line between runway fashion and commercial acumen.

This collection, which was inspired by the pre-Internet days and college campus life, hit all the season’s top trends, including corduroy suits, utility references and paneling details.

A few of the pieces, notably the washed plaid shirts and retro ski sweaters, felt like vintage store finds and were fun accent items. Other highlights included elongated toggle coats that felt worn in and cozy, along with an inside-out military shearling.

“I took varsity, military and prep, put it all in a blender and this is what came out,” he said backstage.

The collection also showcased some pieces from Snyder’s collaborations with Champion — a burgundy varsity track suit — and Private White — a sage wool peacoat.

While the collection didn’t break any new ground, Snyder delivered a solid, wearable assortment to address every need of his customer.

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