Special fabrics and unconventional techniques were at the core of Visvim beautiful fall collection.

Hiroki Nakamura incorporated the brand’s signature Japanese references into a modern men’s wardrobe with a cool factor. The traditional Urushi lacquering technique was applied to French shearling for a glossy kimono-like jacket with a cracked effect, while another zippered, hooded outerwear piece had brushed and dyed Japanese leather combined with shearling. Through its experimental approach to fabrics, the brand also developed a wool, linen and silk cloth that was crafted into elegant coats with wide sleeves. Focusing on bigger silhouettes than in past seasons, Nakamura developed roomy coats — including a chic style cinched at the waist with a belt made from a Uzbekistan fabric dyed in Japan — and blazers with a back-dropped collar that echoed the shape of kimonos. The same fit informed shirting, including designs with hand-painted details. Denim was over-dried and crafted for cropped, boxy front-pocket jackets with a vintage feel.

Most of the fabrics and techniques were also used in the women’s collection, which featured covetable reversible kimono jackets with one side in a wool, silk and linen blend, the other in velvet. This was also used for cute pinafore dresses, while tight-waisted frocks with ample sleeves came in flowing silk painted by a Japanese kimono artist. The brand significantly expanded its offering of women’s pants, which ranged from straight cotton-ticking trousers and bell-bottom corduroy styles to cropped jeans with a relaxed fit.

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