Joseph Abboud celebrated the heritage of men’s wear with an opulent display of precise tailoring that he staged in the historic Hotel Wolcott. The dim lighting, Art Deco interior and intimate table settings only served to enhance the elegant message of old-school refined living.

The collection — 43 outfits — was entirely bespoke and created in the company’s factory in New Bedford, Mass.

The mostly gray palette came in an assortment of classic men’s wear fabrics such as pinstripes, glen plaids and windowpanes that provided interest and depth. Ditto for the splashes of red and burgundy in velvets and novelty home furnishings fabrics. “A blaze of red offers a kind of romance,” he said.

The silhouette was driven by strong shoulder construction, pleated pants and the occasional quilting effects in top coats.

“The skinny moment is over,” he said.

The evening section, a hallmark for Abboud, was of special interest because of the use of floral jacquards and brocade details.

In a New York season driven by athleticism and streetwear, Abboud’s tailored clothing love affair was a welcome addition.

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