For this collection, Bastien Laurent said he and Lauro Do set out to “reintroduce” Avoc, which is entrenched in the streets of Paris and its environs (aka “le grand Paris”), from which they hail. In doing so, they hit upon much of what’s trending for fall.

Take the technical rainwear, oversize puffers, multipocket jackets, hoodies, sweatpants and fanny packs — not to mention the use of logos (“grand Paris” becomes one) plus lettering.

Utility plays a large role. One example is an ensemble that included a technical green vest overlaying a long-sleeved shirt and T-shirt with exaggerated cargo pants in a different green hue.

For fall, Avoc also sent down the runway two-toned white-on-red Nike Air Max sneakers, which caused a flurry of snapping iPhones.

Avoc might think it needs to reinforce its voice but that’s already loud and clear, speaking directly — and succinctly — to cool kids on the streets.

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