Yusuke Takahashi was inspired by the whirlwind of urban life for his fall collection for Issey Miyake, with which he set out to create a new workwear combining functionality and vitality.

The designer continued to experiment with fabric techniques, like stitching stretch tape into garments for a fitted design, and reversible materials. No two motifs were the same, thanks to techniques leaving results to chance.

That all contributed to the novelty of the line, which was built on layered pieces, plus the juxtaposition of colors and textures.

A strong example of this were the black pleated dress pants cinched at the ankle in sweatpants fashion — still true to the house’s signature volumes but with a modern twist — shown with a cropped black puffer and lime green shirt.

The wide variety of looks mashed together could have been jarring, but Takahashi wove it all together into a harmonic wardrobe for today’s man.


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