There is a satisfying circularity — no pun intended — to a day that begins with hooped men’s jumpsuits at Pierre Cardin and ends with models in hooped silver tubes at Thom Browne. Known for his eccentric presentations, the U.S. designer did not disappoint, sending shoeless models dipped in silver paint into the garden of the Maison de la Chimie, where pedestals topped with sculptures of oversize silver brogues awaited them. Holding up the Lycra tubes by the tip of their thumb, they hobbled to their designated position, where — after stepping into the metal shoes — they dropped their casings to reveal colorful suits and shirts in clashing pastel madras plaids. Clamdiggers featured naïve lobster or whale motifs, which also came embroidered in tiny colored pearls on sleeveless blazers in delicate shades. Coupled with the nautical rope buttons on some of the jackets, these conveyed a kooky East Coast prep vibe that would not look amiss in a Wes Anderson movie. Why the presentation began with four performers on stilts looking like silver satyrs remained a complete mystery.

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