Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff’s presentation was as much about the mise en scene as the collection itself. Models appeared in pairs — one flamboyantly attired, the other more soberly dressed. The latter wore clothes including two-tone denim overcoats and three piece suits while the former were decked variously in layers of white smocks, filmy, poppy-printed button-down shirts and transparent plastic sheath jackets.

The latter removed said layers one by one and handed them to their sidekicks until only their undergarments — signature stripy romper suits — remained. Edward Meadham, who designs the collection with Benjamin Kirchhoff, said the collection was all about the difficulty in reconciling individuality with the commercial demands of the fashion industry: “The boys who were wearing the white outfits were being stripped of their personalities by the other boys who were somehow more conforming,” he said.

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