The Sibling design trio of Joe Bates, Cozette McCreery and Sid Bryan put their unique spin on the musical “West Side Story,” subverting the title to “East Side Story” — and setting it rather closer to home. “We liked the idea of rival gangs and how the guys always look really cool, and they might wear something that perhaps other people couldn’t get away with, like painted or embroidered jackets or Hawaiian shirts,” said McCreery.
Enter cropped denim jackets with the words “Jet Boy” embroidered on them, tattoo-style, in a nod to Bruce Davidson’s photos of inner-city gangs. The classic Sibling leopard print cardigan got a makeover, becoming a bomber hybrid. Known for their extreme knitwear, the trio outdid themselves with string-vest inspired hand crocheting executed in traditional woolen fibers, in sequins, and in the colored plastic strings used to make friendship bracelets.

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