Like a superhero, Donatella Versace’s man is equally at home in a dramatic getup of leather, shiny studs, and black satin as he is in a one-button tailored suit with sharp shoulders. And why not? Versace has never catered to Giuseppe Average, and her man has always been one of many moods and faces.


Her bright, playful collection full of shine and neon shades — models even wore thick strips of colored sports tape here and there on their bodies — embraced all facets of the Versace man. There’s the dark knight, whose leather jackets glistened with gold studs and zips, whose dressing gown has a big rippling Medusa head on the back, and who sports sheer black lace dress shirts. Then there’s the clean-cut company man, whose tailored suits have a roomy silhouette, shiny buttons and strong shoulders, a man who pairs his jackets with shorts and trousers that gather, tracksuit style, around the ankle. And, finally, there’s the high-energy party boy, whose neon paint-splattered jeans, sweatshirts, and boiler suits reveal a man at play.


The designer put it this way: “The Versace man is powerful in so many different ways. There is the strength of the athletic body, the force of tailoring, power of decoration,and the timelessness of Versace’s iconography.” This brand has always followed its own drumbeat, and long may that party last.

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