In a confident respite from his recent emphasis on buttoned-up tailoring, Billy Reid took a turn toward the relaxed with looser silhouettes and a breezier attitude. Even with the casual sensibility, a keen focus on intriguing texture and pattern gave a subtle elegance to looks like a linen chambray suit and a dinner jacket paired with herringbone surf pants.

“I remember when I moved from the South to the West Coast in the late Eighties, how my closet started to transform from this preppy element to bringing in beach pants,” said Reid, who is now based in Alabama. “I wanted to explore how that would feel in today’s world.”

Experimenting with fabrics was central to the process, so parkas came in papery cotton, shorts in tweeds and shirts came adorned with a custom camouflage pattern based on the camellia. Some materials resembled lightweight, patterned upholstery, and even a rucksack was designed in a handsome combo of leather and sisal.

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