A painter on the French Riviera. That, in short, was the vibe of Guillaume Henry’s sophomore men’s show for Carven, with a potter’s workshop as the backdrop.

The influence was most literal in the brushstrokes that appeared on a beige-and-black sweatshirt spliced with blue shirt tails, or high-waisted cropped pants in a hand-drawn, blue-on-white check.

Fifties-style blousons and Bermuda shorts in linen, chambray and lightweight nylon contrasted with tailored pieces with a more feminine flourish. A swinging cropped black jacket and an oversize beige trenchcoat came in a ridged fabric textured like a straw boater hat.

As signaled by the kitschy Luis Mariano soundtrack, the Carven man is not afraid of drawing attention, with suit offerings including a shrunken number in a butterscotch-colored waffled check. (Buyers will also find a more office-friendly offering in the showroom.)

Henry’s skill lay in balancing statement pieces in “Hi there!” citrus shades with inky basics to create a look that was arty, but not affected.

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