Naming his show “Fusion,” Ennio Capasa flung elements from his past into the future. “I blended together the inspirations I’ve always channeled — such as musicians, bikers and Native Americans — to find a new, modern sensibility,” the designer explained backstage before the show.


The lineup was filled with his signature skinny suits, shrunken leather biker jackets — sometimes embellished with grommets and fringes — and slim denim pants. A ponyskin perfecto jacket was printed in a cow pattern, winking to Capasa’s fall 1996 show.
The dark palette was livened up by pops of bright red and cobalt blue, which injected an energetic vibe into the otherwise somber collection.
Staying true to a specific aesthetic is fine, but Capasa has the potential to push things more and find undiscovered satellites within his own universe.

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