Giorgio Armani was thinking like a modernist architect for an Emporio collection packed with pared-down silhouettes and covered with stripes and grid patterns. “It’s a clean out — and a powerful one, too,” the designer declared after the show. “There’s purity — and no deception.”

Armani said he liked the high-impact pairing of black and white after years of working with a mélange of colors. To wit: Stripes galore added graphic punch to leather jackets, silk shirts and feather-light knits. A thin white horizontal line bisected a dark jacket, while suits had thick, shadowy, contrasting stripes woven into their fabrics.

When the stripes disappeared, grid patterns took over, covering quilted leather toppers; boxy, hooded jackets, and even Bermuda shorts. Armani said he thought hard about this collection, and was careful not to tread into clownish territory. “Even young men can allow themselves to be a little eccentric when they’re dressing at the beach,” he said. “But no one wants to be known as ‘that guy with the striped jacket.’”

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