At one point, Las Vegas was glamorous. Then it wasn’t. Tom Wolfe wrote about the region’s boom to bust story in his essay, “Las Vegas (What?),” which appeared in his much-lauded book, “Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby” that was published in 1965.

Tony Liu used Wolfe’s essay as the starting point and explored Las Vegas and its duality for his spring You/As collection. He embellished Hawaiian shirts, mechanic suits and leather Western shirts with Swarovski crystals and showed track suits — ideal for a day or night at the casino — along with bowling shirts that looked perfectly suited for a modern-day Elvis.

A skate element came through with a long sleeve T-shirt that read “Mojave” along with a denim jacket that was paired with looser denim shorts.

Liu also made sure to present his hero pieces, which he described as the foundational items his customer will wear over and over. This time around he presented a jacket — a hybrid between a mac and a trench — with metal-rimmed buttons and printed drawstring shorts.

Liu, who introduced his line only a couple of years ago, said he’s been working on finding a balance between creativity and commerce. He achieved that with this vibrant collection.

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