The young, the rich and the beautiful. For his debut men’s Roberto Cavalli collection, Paul Surridge wanted to portray a joyful, positive, flamboyant world. “My man doesn’t only attend the party, he is the host of the party,” he said, referring to that specific bold lifestyle traditionally connected with the brand.

He replaced the label’s romantic, rock ’n’ roll and decadent past with a contemporary energy. There was no bling-bling in the lineup but a luxurious approach to street staples. For example, shirts with front pockets were crafted from exotic skins and Nineties’ baggy five-pocket pants came in soft leather.

The fashion house’s iconic wild animal patterns got a graphic makeover on lightweight trenchcoats and silk blousons, while a macro zebra motif was printed on a denim jacket.

Tailoring was treated with a young approach reflected in sartorial deconstructed and fluid suits, which were also enriched with sparkling touches for an eye-catching evening look.

The brand’s artisanal heritage stood out in the arty knitwear and in the cross-stitched good luck charms peppering a multicolored coat.

Even if his man can live large, Surridge is aware that time is something money cannot buy. A witty Casio watch print was his fun celebration of how precious time is for fast-paced contemporary men.

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