“We wanted to go English,” said Rag & Bone’s Marcus Wainwright, looking to his and David Neville’s heritage. More specifically, the duo was inspired by early Nineties British streetwear as captured in Nigel Shafran’s “Teenage Precinct Shoppers” series that featured portraits of youth in suburban malls wearing matchy nylon tracksuits.

The look was shiny and a bit tacky then, but here the designers interpreted it subtly and with ample urban cool. Slim-fit white jogging pants with gray racing stripes were shown with a simple boxy T-shirt; a long varsity-like jacket was worn with a chic skirt in handmade lace. Though sporty, these clothes are not meant for the gym — which is just the point. “It’s English active non-activewear,” Wainwright said. “These people never did any exercise in these suits.”

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