Vera Wang’s resort starting point couldn’t have been brainier — Françoise Sagan’s controversial 1954 novel “Bonjour Tristesse,” set in the French Riviera. But on the runway, there was certainly nothing heady about it. Wang served up a breezy-yet-refined lineup, one that played on the notion of contrast, as in a slouchy boyfriend sweater paired with a pleated skirt or a trompe l’oeil dress-as-separates. The attitude? Seductive yet androgynous, clean but artistic. Even the color palette played on a sun-yellow and sea-blue dichotomy. And, of course, Wang flaunted plenty of her signature arty inclinations — a random fold here, a twist of fabric there — not to mention a youthful slant throughout. The latter vibe extended right down to the petite-sized (yet no less high-octane) costume frippery, which she whimsically dubbed “childlike.”

Over at her Lavender Label, meanwhile, there was no question about the inspiration. Think Haight-Ashbury circa 1967 — with a hint of Parisian chic in artist Jean-Pierre Cassigneul. “It’s my ode to the hippie girl,” Wang noted, “but she’s in France. Her hair is clean, her feet are clean.” To that end, the designer mixed prints — 17 in total — on everything from cute rompers and trenchcoats to girlish summer frocks with Peter Pan collars. “They’re carefully made not to match,” she added of the potpourri sensibilities. But the bohemian freewheeling doesn’t stop here. Check out the Lavender Label accessories — long garden-print scarves à la Janis Joplin and an array of fantastic floral costume jewelry, including a new launch based on Wang’s own vintage wares.

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