For his debut resort collection, Joseph Altuzarra went back to the very root of the season. “I thought about resort as travel,” he explained. “There’s a kind of casualness to a lot of the pieces here.” Perfect example: the white satin-backed crepe coat cut to look like a cozy-yet-elegant hotel bathrobe. But Altuzarra also folded in a second theme, one based on “this French classical idea of resort,” he said, name checking Saint-Tropez and Brigitte Bardot. That infused the lineup with an easy, feminine vibe best seen in the charming dresses with cascades of ruffles down the front, at times worn chicly over pants. And while the clothes might seem worlds away from his grunge-centric outing for fall, Altuzarra noted that resort was, in fact, just an evolution. So what of those great cotton jackets, including one sheer, airy version? They’re simply re-proportioned takes on fall’s cozy, fur-lined parkas.

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