In the span of two seasons, Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim have made Monse one of the most talked-about startups in New York. Key to that buzz has been their youthful, modern way of feminizing classic men’s wear items, starting with the button-down shirt for their first collection, the suit for their second, and now for their first resort lineup, the trench. They worked it as a dress, and as a short navy jacket cinched with a wide belt and a green asymmetrical skirt that fell in structured folds for relaxed volume. The looks, including a red handkerchief shirt and great exaggerated wide-leg khaki cargo pants, were cut to capture a sense of the undone — nothing too perfect — which gave the lineup a fresh sensuality. There were also printed scarf dresses, tuxedo-inspired eveningwear and some nice lace-up knits that balanced the statement pieces with something for everyday.


The trench might have been the conceptual focus, but the big picture was business. “We wanted [the clothes] to be something you can wear all year round,” said Kim. “We’re more price-conscious than the runway collections, and we’re building our basics program.”

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