Amid conversations about nations dissolving alliances and building barriers, Andrew Gn offered some escapism: a collection that offered a colorful “collage of world culture.” “It’s all about travel,” said Gn who chose to keep the cuts simple and let the prints and handiwork do all the talking.


The designer brought on the busy, clashing a micro-sequin maxiskirt in a vibrant Kilim pattern with a blouse in bold Mayan motifs and paisley beaded neckline. Another highlight: a sleeveless white silk cocktail dress in a blaze of Ikat-inspired fils coupés motifs. He toned it down with black tweed suits worked in a trellis-like grid of rosebuds, folky peasant tops and zippered white tunics decorated with hand-painted birds, butterflies and dragonflies, a modern spin on the illustrated works of Buffon, the pioneering 18th-century French naturalist. It all successfully combined polish with around-the-world spice.

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