Ferragamo is a great fashion and accessories company, run by a great family and they deserve a great designer — which they do not have. Glamour was the founder’s currency, and his name stood for a certain tony-chic luxury and an impressive roster of celebrity clients dating back to those glamorous Old Hollywood years. What the collection Cristina Ortiz sent down the runway Tuesday afternoon had to do with this legacy is anybody’s guess. In her second outing for the house, she has not progressed beyond last season’s Euro flash. In fact, Ortiz kept up the sexy, heat-seeking mentality, serving up more sultry numbers and plenty of skin: backless goddess gowns, thigh-high minis and HotPants and a bevy of dresses accented with bondagelike straps. Yet the collection was listless, filled with unflattering voluminous dresses and tops that looked as if they had been hastily draped from giant bolts of parachute silk. Then there was the excessive belt action — they were running up collars, across shoulders, down backs and every which way. A far cry from the elegant roots of this renowned Italian house.

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