Sabyasachi Mukherjee went back to his roots for spring. No, not India — though his collection was flush with such references — but the arts. His mother is a painter and he grew up painting as well. It was his three favorite artists that stirred his juices this season: Frida Kahlo, Emil Nolde and Paul Gauguin. The result was terrific sportswear,  breezy and with a whiff of geeky librarian chic. Mukherjee flaunted his potpourri sensibility by splicing together alluring prints, textures, embroideries and fabrics. He’s quite a colorist as well, pairing, for instance, an amethyst skirt with a saffron and rust blouse. And his whimsical side came through in scallop petal detailing inspired by chicken feathers — cartoon chickens, that is

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