This must have been a tough season to tackle for Ivana Omazic. It’s her swan song after three years at Celine, where she will be replaced by Phoebe Philo. So what did she do for her big adieu? Omazic didn’t leave with a bang, but the collection was one of her stronger efforts, and if the lineup was somewhat safe, well, that can’t hurt at retail. Her ladylike skirted suits and breezy wrap dresses will no doubt carry commercial currency.  As for the rest of the collection, the designer mined all sorts of motifs popular this season to keep the things relevant. For the opening gentle jersey dress numbers, she added on black bondage-like bands. There were art references in painterly brushstrokes on a cinched-waist dress and artsy Japanese tattoo-inspired illustrations on tops and frocks. And she did her part for the sheer and tribal trends, too. The latter she rendered in pearlwork inspired by Masai beading on skirts and neckwear. Omazic still needs to shake off her sometimes-clunky proportions, which showed up in too much draping and swaddling to play up the African tale.

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