The ornate, Wedgewood blue ballroom at The Savoy is a swell place for a fancy tea party and the perfect venue for Erdem Moralioglu’s parade of very proper, pinkies-up spring looks. The clothes seemed from another time, when women wore gloves and boater hats (which some of his models did) with their demure, past-the-knee dresses. Moralioglu pavéd them in busy, vaguely Japanese prints, sometimes embellished with silk embroideries and beads. His signature florals, in Easter shades and occasionally glazed or blurred, shared the limelight with dense guipure and delicate Chantilly lace, worked into stiff trenchcoats and ethereal slipdresses. While the clothes were pretty, they lacked currency and energy. In lieu of tea, the show could have used the modern rush of a double espresso.



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