Glastonbury is the site of one of the world’s most raucous music festivals, as famous for its acts as it is for the muddy situations caused by the typically wet English summer. It was the main inspiration for Dean and Dan Caten’s spring romp, replete with a mud runway, concert stage backdrop and a few pairs of jeans printed with fake mud. But the duo must have gotten their music festivals confused because the lineup felt a lot more like Coachella, with Jasper Johns-style nods to America, including star-spangled bikinis, draped asymmetric tops and scarves. The Caten brothers also had plenty of charming hippie looks to drive their theme home, like a T-shirt printed with a roaring lion’s face that was teamed with a tiered yellow, magenta and green skirt. Halfway through the show, sprinklers went off onstage and by the runway, with models teetering through the wet mud in fun, high-heeled wellies. Even though some in the front row slid back in their seats to avoid the chance of getting splattered, it nonetheless made for a joyous watching experience.

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